Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Facebook - Get Over It People

It always amuses me how people tend to get their undergarments all out of sorts over free social networking sites. Some people react to changes on social networking sites as if it were a zombie apocalypse or the end of the world as we know it. Speaking of zombie apocalypses and such, I am renting out space in my concrete bunker and have extra weapons stock-piled in case you need them... You know, just in case that whole zombie apocalypse does happen and Facebook going to the new Timeline is just a "sign of things to come".

First of all, Facebook is a free social networking site designed for entertainment purposes only. The new Timeline feature is not the end of the world, nor is it a life or death situation. If the unveiling of the new Timeline actually causes you great anxiety and stress and throws your Happymobile into a tailspin, perhaps you should do some re-evaluation and reorganization of your priorities. Perhaps you should do some inner soul searching and find out what you truly want from life. What are your goals and dreams? What is your place and purpose in the world? If Facebook is part of your answer to any of those questions, you should probably seek counseling. That's just not normal. Really.

But in all seriousness, yes the changes can sometimes be frustrating and even a little annoying at times. But in time you'll get used to it. Just go play Farmville for awhile until you calm down and realize that the new Timeline feature will not make it easier for some random stalker to find you and track you down. There are privacy settings for a reason folks. I suggest you all take a look at your privacy and account settings and make sure you know what people can and can't see. But more importantly, if you just friend everyone that sends a friend's request your way, maybe it's time you look at your friends list as well. If you're friends with someone that's giving off that creepy "stalker" vibe, then perhaps you should re-evaluate that "friendship". Otherwise, it's kind of inevitable that they will start following around, popping up on every comment you make, commenting on all your photos, sending friend requests to all your friends and generally being well, creepy. Who knows, one day they might pop out of the bushes in front of your house and say hello in real life. Creepy...

Seriously, it's a social networking site meant for entertainment and networking. It's also free and totally optional. So if the changes being made on Facebook are the equivalent of a one-way ticket to Crapsville for you, then maybe you should just opt out. Maybe Facebook isn't for you after all.Take a step back. Do something totally unheard of and have an actual human relationship without the use of technology. I mean, sure you may be a little socially awkward. Your sense of humor may be a bit out there and you may have some questionable hobbies and interests. But I'm sure there's a friend out there for you somewhere Sunshine. Go out and find them! (Just don't stalk them. That's frowned upon in today's society.)

Peace out people!